3 Weeks in France Itinerary

a photo of lavander files in Provence, France - 3 weeks in france Itinerary

The first time I visited France was when I followed Tour de France. Although it was so much fun being with the crowd, staying in an RV, and following the tour, it also didn’t really give me time to explore unique places in France. My itinerary at that time included getting up early to ensure … READ MORE

3 Weeks in Central Europe Itinerary

4 images - lake in switzerland, thermal bath of Hungary, downtown Prague, and old houses in Germany - 3-Weeks in Central Europe Itinerary

Central Europe is one of the regions stretching from the Baltic Sea to the north of the Adriatic. It has some of the world’s oldest and most well-preserved cities, including Berlin, Bratislava, Budapest, Geneva, Ljubljana, Munich, Prague, Vienna, Warsaw, Krakow, and Hamburg, among others. Aside from that, Central Europe is very rich in heritage and … READ MORE

3 Weeks In The UK Itinerary

an image of aerial shot of central London

The UK is such a great destination to spend your 3-week vacation. It comprises four beautiful countries; England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Visiting the UK will make the most out of your annual holiday. You will get to chill at the beach, hike a mountain or two, visit ancient cities and ruins, explore vibrant … READ MORE

3 Weeks In Italy: 3 Itineraries

a photo of Colosseum in Rome. Italy

Italy is a destination all kinds of travellers could enjoy. Regardless if you only have a few days, a week, or even about a month. If you are looking for a beach holiday, hiking trip, food getaway, or cultural trip – Italy should be on your list. If it’s your first time here, I highly … READ MORE

3 Weeks in Scandinavia Itinerary

a photo of trolltunga in Norway - 3 WEEKS IN SCANDINAVIA ITINERARY

When we hear Scandinavia, our minds will go to the words “expensive” or “high-cost”. Which is not far from the truth. Scandinavia is expensive to live in and expensive to travel to. However, this part of the world is always among the top places to see for many people for a reason. Scandinavia has to … READ MORE

Travelling To Scandinavia Tips


Scandinavia is one of the regions in Europe where there are too many similarities yet too many differences. Their languages and currencies might sounds and look similar, but the culture in each country are quite unalike in many ways. In this travelling to Scandinavia tips guide, we will discuss how you can prepare for a … READ MORE

Eastern Europe Itinerary For 3 Weeks


East Europe is said to be a highly underrated travel destination. But those who choose this destination, are rewarded with charming countryside villages and unspoiled landscapes. The fact that it is not as frequent as in other parts of Europe makes it an excellent choice for travellers who want to avoid the crowd. Known as … READ MORE

Europe in 3 Weeks: 6 Itineraries

4 images - top left aerial shot of Dubrovnik, Croatia, top right is a map of Europe with pins on it, bottom right is a castle in Finland, bottom left is Spanish food - EUROPE IN 3 WEEKS ON A BUDGET

I am confident many people have Europe on their bucket list of places to visit. This continent is filled with preserved historical sites, famous landmarks, UNESCO-certified heritage sites, various natural scenery, and diverse cultures from people of different nationalities. There are tons of activities that you can do here as well. However, if you plan … READ MORE

Tips For Travelling to Iceland


We all know of Iceland as the destination to go if we want to dip in Blue Lagoon’s mud bath. But there is so much more about Iceland and why it’s worth a visit – even just for a few days. Iceland is definitely the place you want to squeeze in your 3-week Europe itinerary. … READ MORE

Things To Know Before You Travel To East Europe


When travelling to East Europe, there are a few things you should be reminded about. One of them is to always carry cash with you. If you can, make sure to separate your cash and credit cards. It is recommended to put them in different areas such as your pocket or wallet.  Never put them … READ MORE