3 Weeks in Ecuador and Colombia Itinerary

2 images - Otavalo in Ecuador and Guatape rock in Colombia - 3 Weeks in Ecuador and Colombia Itinerary

My three weeks in Colombia and Ecuador were indeed a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Are you up for it? Ecuador and Colombia are two nearby nations in South America sharing the same biodiversity and culture. With the union of these two nations, travellers like me discovered a region of the world that tour companies frequently ignore. If … READ MORE

3 Weeks in Costa Rica Itinerary

a photo of Costa Rica coastline - 3 Weeks In Costa Rica Itinerary

Costa Rica is a country located in the Central American region. This haven is filled with natural sceneries such as beaches, volcanoes, waterfalls, and national reserves. It is also the hummingbird capital of the world. By spending 3 weeks in Costa Rica, you have plenty of time to see all its beauty to the fullest. … READ MORE

Best Spring Destinations for a 3-week Trip

a photo of Neuschwanstein Castle

Spring is one of the most well-liked seasons as it’s the time when various flowers are in full bloom. The temperature is also perfect because it’s not too hot, cold, or rainy. Aside from that, the airfare and overall accommodation rates are lower as it isn’t the peak season that results in fewer crowds. What’s … READ MORE

Best Affordable Destinations for a 3-week Vacation

dubrovnik, croatia - Best Affordable Destinations for a 3-week Vacation

Most people working a traditional job are entitled to a few weeks holiday. In some countries, you might even be entitled to a paid holiday. Uscually, a person can enjoy 2-4 weeks off from work which allows them to travel and go on a long vacation. If you are the kind of person who prefers … READ MORE

3 Weeks in Argentina Itinerary

vineyard in Mendoza, Argentina with a snowcap mountain background - 3 Weeks in Argentina Itinerary

Argentina, often known as “The Land of Silver,” is a place famous for its dances, delectable cuisine, and stunning scenery. It is the second largest nation in South America (Brazil being #1) which stretches over a variety of natural landscapes and climates. The home of dulce de leche and tango has a lot to offer … READ MORE

Best 3-Week Beach Destinations

4 images of different beaches with trees and boats - Best 3-Week Beach Destinations

When one thinks of a vacation, the mind always goes to the beach. Lying on a sunbed, sipping cold coconut (or cocktails), and a good book in hand. It’s undeniable that the beach brings calm, serenity, and really gives a good break from the daily tugrind of life. You worked hard and going on a … READ MORE

3 Weeks in Mexico Itinerary

4 images - mexican guys with mariachi instruments, beach in cancun, aerial view of mexico city, teotihuacan pyramid 3-weeks in mexico itinerary

During the pandemic, Mexico is one of the very few countries in the world that didn’t close its borders. This leads to a lot of people finding themselves planning a trip there. Mexico is a paradise for beach lovers, hiking enthusiasts, and of course, foodies. It’s also a popular honeymoon destination for many visitors coming … READ MORE

3 Weeks In Brazil Itinerary

bridge over sunset, amazon green forest and blue river, christ the redeemer statue, sugarloaf mountain - 3 WEEKS IN BRAZIL ITINERARY

Brazil is the largest country both in the south and Latin America. It is also the fifth-largest country by area and the sixth-most populous country in the world. Since it is a large country, it has four time zones. It is the largest country to have Portuguese as an official language. In this itinerary of … READ MORE

3 Weeks In Chile Itinerary

fjords, easter island heads, mountain, blue waters - 3 weeks in Chile

Chile is a South American country that is not as well known as other countries in this region such as Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, etc. It is a relatively small country with a population of only 18 million. Although Chile is one of the most earthquake-prone countries the government developed some of the best structural engineering … READ MORE

3 Weeks in Colombia Itinerary

colourful and traditional houses in Guatape, Colombia - 3 WEEKS IN COLOMBIA ITINERARY

Colombia was honestly a place that was never on my radar, not because of its aggressive history, but because its beautiful history overshadowed its violent history. A friend of mine showed me photos of her recent trip, and I was so impressed, jealous almost! I decided then 3 weeks in Colombia for my quarterly trip … READ MORE