3 Weeks In Brazil Itinerary

bridge over sunset, amazon green forest and blue river, christ the redeemer statue, sugarloaf mountain - 3 WEEKS IN BRAZIL ITINERARY

I wasn’t originally going to Brazil. I was coming from Europe and wanted to see Peru or Colombia. But the most affordable flight that I could find with fewer connections …


3 Weeks in Mexico Itinerary

4 images - mexican guys with mariachi instruments, beach in cancun, aerial view of mexico city, teotihuacan pyramid 3-weeks in mexico itinerary

During the pandemic, Mexico was one of the very few countries in the world that didn’t close its borders. This leads to a lot of people finding themselves planning a …


3 Weeks in Colombia Itinerary

colourful and traditional houses in Guatape, Colombia - 3 WEEKS IN COLOMBIA ITINERARY

Colombia was honestly a place that was never on my radar, but it ended up being my second country in South America. A friend of mine showed me photos of …


3 Weeks In Peru Itinerary

a photo of Machu Picchu Citadel - 3 weeks in Peru Itinerary

Peru was the top destination on my list for South America. For some reason, I really want to see Machu Picchu and Lomo Saltado. Apart from that, I didn’t really …


3 Weeks in Ecuador Itinerary

a photo of the colourful houses by the hills in Guayaquil Ecuador - 3 Weeks in Ecuador Itinerary

Ecuador is a country in South America bordered by the Pacific Ocean in the west, Colombia in the north, and Peru in the east and south. It is known for …


3 Weeks In Chile Itinerary

4 images - top left is the a glacier lake with an island in the middle. top right is the marble caves. bottom right are the head sculptures (Rapa Nui) in Easter island. bottom left is the snowy mountains in the Patagonia - 3 weeks in chile itinerary

Chile is a South American country that is not as well known as other countries in this region, such as Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, etc. It is a relatively small country …


3 Weeks in Argentina Itinerary

vineyard in Mendoza, Argentina with a snowcap mountain background - 3 Weeks in Argentina Itinerary

Argentina, often known as “The Land of Silver,” is a place famous for its dances, delectable cuisine, and stunning scenery. It is the second largest nation in South America (Brazil …