3 Weeks in Norway Itinerary

a photo of colourful houses in Norway along the river - 3 Weeks in Norway Itinerary

Norway is a Nordic country located in Northern Europe in the Scandinavian Peninsula. It is bordered by Sweden to the East, Skagerrak Strait to the South, and Finland and Russia …


3 Weeks In Italy: 3 Itineraries

a photo of Colosseum in Rome. Italy

Italy is a destination all kinds of travellers could enjoy. Regardless if you only have a few days, a week, or even about a month. If you are looking for …


3-Week Southern Europe: 4 Itineraries

4 images - top right is the statues in ancient ruins of Athens, top right is the Eiffel Tower, bottom right is the Medieval walls in Croatia, bottom left is La Sagrada Familia in Spain - 3-Week Southern Europe Itinerary

The south of Europe is probably one of the most famous destinations in the world when it comes to stunning beaches, tasty dishes, and historical sites. From the coast of …


3 Weeks in Iceland Itinerary

a Nordic town along the coast with a rock mountain behind it - 3 Weeks in Iceland Itinerary

Iceland is a Nordic Island country between the Arctic and North Atlantic oceans. It is linked politically and culturally with Europe and is the most sparsely populated country in the …


3 Weeks in Greece Itinerary

a photo of statues at Acropolis in Athens - 3 Weeks in Greece Itinerary

Greece, a tapestry of azure waters, golden sands, and ancient ruins, beckons travellers with the allure of its rich history and the charm of its vibrant culture, from the iconic …


3 Weeks in Germany Itinerary

An image of Hohenschwangau castle on top of a hill with blue skies - 3 Weeks in Germany Itinerary

Escape into a world of enchantment and discovery as you embark on a three-week vacation in Germany. This captivating country has it all – from historic cities to breathtaking landscapes, …