Best Affordable Destinations for a 3-week Vacation

dubrovnik, croatia - Best Affordable Destinations for a 3-week Vacation

Most people working a traditional job are entitled to a few weeks holiday. In some countries, you might even be entitled to a paid holiday. Usually, a person can enjoy 2-4 weeks off from work which allows them to travel and go on a long vacation. If you are the kind of person who prefers … READ MORE

3 Weeks in Western Europe Itinerary

a picture of canals in Amsterdam with boats and colourful houses and trees

The countries listed under West Europe can conflict depending on which resources you look into. For this article, we’ll only include the far west of Europe: Ireland, the UK, Belgium, and the Netherlands. If you have 3 weeks in western Europe, you will get to see at least 3-4 different countries, visit historical spots, try … READ MORE

3 Weeks in Turkey Itinerary

hot air balloons over Cappadocia region - 3 Weeks in Turkey Itinerary

Turkey is a transcontinental country located mainly in Western Asia with a small portion in Europe. It shares borders with Georgia in the Northeast, the Aegean sea to the west, the Black sea to the north, Syria and the Mediterranean sea to the south, Iraq to the southeast, Bulgaria and Greece to the northwest, and … READ MORE

3 Weeks In Spain Itinerary

Sagrada Familia at night in Barcelona - 3 Weeks In Spain Itinerary

Popularly known as one of the most visited countries in Europe, Spain offers its annual 82 million tourists with all grace and satisfaction. Evidently, the number of tourist arrivals in Spain just keeps growing every year with people who are keen to visit beaches, go hiking, explore ancient towns, and try out local dishes. As … READ MORE

3 Weeks in England Itinerary

4 images - london tower with the uk flag, fish and chips, royal pavilion, and manchester's cathedral - 3 Weeks in England Itinerary

There’s more to England than the castles, their posh accent, and the Royal Family. There’s also fish and chips, bangers and mash, and shepherd’s pie. But aside from these, you’ll get entranced with the scenery, history, and culture. London has some of the best museums in the world and it is also included in the … READ MORE

3 Weeks in the UK and Ireland Itinerary

2 images - on the right is Ireland's Cliff of Moher, on the right side is London's Clock Tower/Big Ben

The UK and Ireland are two countries that many people get confused about. These two countries share so much together, from history, culture, traditions, and even the monarchy. The UK and Ireland also sit right next to each other in the western part of Europe. In the UK, will find the stunning Buckingham Palace, Stonehenge, … READ MORE

Best 3-Week Beach Destinations

4 images of different beaches with trees and boats - Best 3-Week Beach Destinations

When one thinks of a vacation, the mind always goes to the beach. Lying on a sunbed, sipping cold coconut (or cocktails), and a good book in hand. It’s undeniable that the beach brings calm, serenity, and really gives a good break from the daily grind of life. You worked hard and going on a … READ MORE

3 Weeks in France Itinerary

4 IMAGES - eiffel tower, french cobbledstone street, vineyards, and beach shoreline - 3-Weeks in France Itinerary (1)

The first time I visited France was when I followed Tour de France. Although it was so much fun being with the crowd, staying in an RV, and following the tour, it also didn’t really give me time to explore amazing places in France. My itinerary at that time included getting up early to ensure … READ MORE

3 Weeks in Central Europe Itinerary

4 images - lake in switzerland, thermal bath of Hungary, downtown Prague, and old houses in Germany - 3-Weeks in Central Europe Itinerary

Central Europe is one of the regions stretching from the Baltic Sea to the north of the Adriatic. It has some of the world’s oldest and most well-preserved cities, some of which include Berlin, Bratislava, Budapest, Geneva, Ljubljana, Munich, Prague, Vienna, Warsaw, Krakow, and Hamburg, among others. Aside from that, Central Europe is very rich … READ MORE

3 Weeks In The UK Itinerary

london downtown, edinburgh castle, belfast castle, glasgow downtown - 3 Weeks In The UK Itinerary

The UK is such a great destination to spend your 3-week vacation. It is composed of four beautiful countries; England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Visiting the UK will make the most out of your annual holiday. You will get to chill at the beach, hike a mountain or two, vcisit ancient cities and ruins, … READ MORE