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underwater shot of me snorkelling
snorkelling underwater

Hi, my name is Elizabeth. After working full-time inside my cubicle office and letting the corporate job suck the life out of it – enough is enough. I quit my job. Initially, my main goal was to travel. However, after packing a backpack and travelling internationally for a bit, I miss my family and friends.

I decided to come home and start a small business. I knew I didn’t want to travel and do a traditional job, but I’m also not cut out for full-time travelling or digital nomad life. When I came home and started my business, I promised myself to take a 3-week vacation every few months and make the most out of it.


I love my work now, and I love travelling. That’s why every time I go out on the road, I want to make sure I do everything I want, eat everything I can, and meet so many people I vibe with. I know how overwhelming it can be to cramp a holiday into 3 weeks or even less.

Three Week Traveller is a travel blog that writes and publishes the best 3-week travel itineraries online. We only focus on sharing reliable information on the following topics; itineraries, how to prepare, and what to pack. In this way, we know that our attention is focused and can deliver very helpful travel tips.

My goal is to show that you don’t need to quit your job or travel full-time to explore the world. I want to show that there’s a grey area or in-between option where you can stay close to your family and friends while making sure you are living the life you want.


Elizabeth and Ryan, snorkelling in Thailand

Aside from me, I also joined forces with two other travellers who are exploring the world full-time while working online. Three Week Traveller is a blog managed by three travellers dedicated to showcasing the world’s beauty and how you can maximise your time.

All articles are written by me or experienced travellers who have been travelling the world and will continue to explore Asia, Europe, Africa, Oceania, North America, and Latin America.

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