Packing For 3 Weeks Winter Holiday

2 images - a girl packing her suitcase, and a picture of 3 suitcases on a white background - Packing For 3 Weeks Winter Holiday

You most likely landed on this article after you decided where to spend your 3-week winter vacation and have booked your flights and hotel. The trip is probably only a few weeks or days from now and the excitement cannot be contained anymore! I have been in your shoes so many times and completely understand … READ MORE

Packing For 3 Weeks Summer Holiday

yellow suitcase with a hat on the handle with a yellow background - what to pack for a summer holiday - PACKING FOR 3 WEEKS SUMMER HOLIDAY

Packing for summer is definitely one of my favourite things to do. Not only I will be spending 3 weeks under the sun sipping pina colada but mostly because it’s the easiest holiday to manage. The type of clothing that summer requires is lightweight, which means, I sometimes don’t even have to do any checked … READ MORE

Smart Packing For 3 Weeks Trip


I’ve been travelling since 2013, every now and then, I still make a bad decision in packing, mainly for a few reasons. Like when I don’t write my itinerary, activities I want to do, when I don’t look up the weather during my visit, and often the culprit is – I’m simply one of those … READ MORE