3 Weeks Spring Vacation Packing List

2 images of a person packing for a trip - 3 Weeks Spring Vacation Packing List

I enjoy talking about packing and it’s probably my favourite task as a traveller. But from time to time, I still get stressed about making a list especially now that I haven’t travelled for a while due to the borders being closed. But as I’m writing this, I have a trip in spring which lead … READ MORE

Best Spring Destinations for a 3-week Trip

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Spring is one of the most well-liked seasons as it’s the time when various flowers are in full bloom. The temperature is also perfect because it’s not too hot, cold, or rainy. Aside from that, the airfare and overall accommodation rates are lower as it isn’t the peak season that results in fewer crowds. What’s … READ MORE

Best 3-Week Winter Destinations

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Winter is for everyone. It is loved by people from all over the world, some of which live in places where there’s snow but some live in tropical countries and want to experience this season. Winter is also attached to the Christmas holiday. Many cities in Europe are filled with Christmas markets where the air … READ MORE

Packing For 3 Weeks Winter Holiday

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You most likely landed on this article after you decided where to spend your 3-week winter vacation and have booked your flights and hotel. The trip is probably only a few weeks or days from now, and the excitement cannot be contained anymore! I have been in your shoes so many times and thoroughly understand … READ MORE

Best 3-Week Beach Destinations

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When one thinks of a vacation, the mind always goes to the beach. Lying on a sunbed, sipping cold coconut (or cocktails), and a good book in hand. It’s undeniable that the beach brings calm, serenity, and really gives a good break from the daily grind of life. You worked hard and going on a … READ MORE

How to Plan a 3-week Beach Vacation

4 images - people jumping off a boat to water, summer items lying on the sand, a family of three hugging each other by the sunset, a photo of mountain resort - How To Plan A 3-week Beach Vacation

Many people get a 3-week holiday (paid or not), some have to “save up” their vacation days or sick days to reach this amount of days to go on a holiday. This is the reason most people with traditional jobs want to ensure that they are spending their well-deserved and hard-earned break from work properly … READ MORE

Where To Go Travelling for 3-Weeks Holiday


Most people get a vacation for three weeks. Often, it gets overwhelming to decide where you should spend your precious and well-deserved holiday from your daily routine. Not only will you be using your annual holiday, which you have been looking forward to but you are also spending your well-earn money. Hence, choosing the destination … READ MORE

How To Write An Itinerary For a 3-Week Trip


Do you only have three weeks for your upcoming holiday? If so, I’m sure you want to make the most out of it and hope for a smooth and memorable vacation. Before you get to this task, I know it’s been a long process; request time off from work, choose the destination and maybe even … READ MORE

How To Smartly Choose Your Next 3-Week Holiday Trip


As a person who holds a full-time traveller, depending on where you are living or working, surely, you have limited time off from work. In my experience, many season travellers only have 2-4 weeks off a year from work and often use this time to travel to new destinations. Having this very limited time, you … READ MORE