3-Week Vacation Packages

2 images - on the left is Eiffel Tower. On the right is a karst limestone in Phuket Island - 3-week Vacation Package

I’m assuming you landed here because you have a holiday coming and deciding how to spend it. When you have as many as 20 days for a vacation, it can …


Best 3-Week Beach Destinations

4 images of different beaches with trees and boats - Best 3-Week Beach Destinations

When one thinks of a vacation, the mind always goes to the beach. Lying on a sunbed, sipping cold coconut (or cocktails), and a good book in hand. It’s undeniable …


Best 3-Week Cruises

a photo of a cruise ship taken as an aerial shot, showing the back waves and deep blue sea water.

Cruises are another way to explore new destinations and spend your 3-week vacation. Some people might think that it’s too long to be on a cruise. However, it’s a great …


What is the Average Cost of a 3-week Vacation

4 images - someone counting money on a brown table, a money jar for money, a bunch of international currency on a table, a boat on a lake - What is the Average Cost of a 3-week Vacation

Planning a 3-week vacation is an exciting prospect that promises adventure, relaxation, and cherished memories. However, before setting sail into the sunset or exploring uncharted lands, it is essential to …


3 Weeks Spring Vacation Packing List

2 images of a person packing for a trip - 3 Weeks Spring Vacation Packing List

I enjoy talking about packing, and it’s probably my favourite task as a traveller. But occasionally, I still get stressed about making a list, especially now that I haven’t travelled …


Best 3-Week Winter Destinations

4 images - 2 women looking at products in a christmas market shop, 2 people sitting on top of ski mountain with ski gear, a couple packing their car wearing winter clothes, a mother and daughter shopping at a christmas market - Best 3-Weeks Winter Destinations

Winter is for everyone. It is loved by people from all over the world, some of which live in places where there’s snow but some live in tropical countries anad …